October 16, 2020

IPL Betting Tips: Cricket Betting Tips Free Today Match

Currently, IP is the hottest topic in the cricket world. The IPL season which takes place during summers has been postponed due to the onslaught of Covid-19. This year the teams are playing in UAE in a secure bio-bubble. 

Although many things are missing in the current IPL, the spirit remains the same. The audience has been enjoying watching a live match as well as betting on their favourite team.

As Dream11 sponsors the current IPL season, there is more fun in betting. However, you need to check the predictions and tips before placing your bets. While most of the people check the predictions, they don’t pay much attention to the tips.

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IPL Cricket Betting Tips

If you have ever placed an online bet, you might have come across the term predictions or tips. These are the standard terms used in betting. Do you know how people make money in betting? Well, the check the forecasts and tips. 

You need to check cricket betting tips free today match to place your bets. Well, there is a difference between predictions and tips. While some online betting websites only display forecasts, other display tips as well.

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It is better to check both before betting. Prediction means the outcome of every IPL match. Example, if today KKR and CSK are going to play against each other, there will be predictions on ever site about which team will win the match or toss.

Similarly, tips will also be given. It is the tips on cricket betting. These tips are offered by expert professionals who know every detail about cricket.

They compare various factors of both the team to give tips. The tips will help you to know where to place your bets. Here are some examples of tips.


The match is between CKS and MI. So the betting site will give their analysis of the game as tips based on the odds and team comparison.

  • CKS to lose three wickets in the first ten overs
  • 1st wicket will be caught out
  • MI will have the best partnership
  • Rohit Sharma to be the man of the match
  • MS Dhoni to change the course of the game after ten overs

This is how betting websites display tips. You need to check the tips from various websites to determine where to put your money.

Cricket Betting Tips Free Today Match

You will get fresh betting tips before every match on websites. Most of the betting sites don’t provide free betting tips. There are only a few reputed sites where you will get free tips.

They will display tips as “today match free betting tips”. You can click on it to read the tips. You need to check three things before placing a bet.

  • Odds: Firstly, you need to check the odds. The winning and losing amount depend on odds.
  • Predictions: After checking the odds, you need to check the match predictions. Here, you will know which team have a higher chance of winning.
  • Tips: After predictions, check the free tips to know the possible outcome of the match. You will get tips on various bet types.
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