October 6, 2020

Want to Bet on Cricket Matches? Visit Royal Panda

Royal Panda is a gaming website that is registered in Malta. It is a versatile gaming platform in the entertainment and betting business for quite a long time and has garnered huge phrases from the bettor community. We called it versatile because, on this platform, you can bet on both sports and casinos. It is a terrific website in both aspects of Casino and sports. And so, as the major cricket tournaments are coming up, punters are seriously considering betting on Royal Panda because of its various good aspects that benefit the bettors.

Let us put Royal Panda cricket under the microscope and check its various features: 

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Cricket Market

Royal Panda is a good website for betting on cricket. Royal Panda cricket is the choice of many bettors around the world. One of the main factors is because this betting platform offers a wide cricket betting market. Over here, you can bet on various things, like, man-of-the-match betting, the total number of ducks, the total number of wickets, which team wins the toss, match winner betting, Best bowler, best batsman are some of the available markets. There are also other for bettings. You can choose the betting that you are interested in from their official website. 

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Various Language Option

Although Royal Panda is a British website, it offers various other languages for the players’ convenience. You can choose to translate the entire website into German, Spanish, Portuguese, Mandarine, Suomi, and Norsk. It is greatly beneficial to the punter community who do not know English or not from native English backgrounds. So all the cricket bettors who do not know English might opt for the language that they are comfortable in when they join Royal Panda cricket for betting.

Responsible Gaming

Royal Panda cricket is a thoroughly trusted website that engages in responsible giving. So in their best interest, Royal Panda has come up with a responsible gaming solution for this. They have taken the following steps:

  • Setting a monetary limit
  • No underage betting
  • Gamban
  • Self-exclusion 
  • Limit increase timeframes

About Its User Interface

The user interface of Royal Panda is pretty simple. When you enter the website, you will notice separate sections for each of the categories. You will have to select the category you want, in this case, cricket, from the sports section and enter it for betting on the sport. You will find all the necessary links assimilated on the webpage. 

Customer Service is Good

Unresponsive and irresponsible customer care can be a major turn off. It can also be a major inconvenience if you are stuck in some serious problem while betting. Thankfully on Royal Panda cricket, the customer service you will get it simply outstanding. Royal Panda gives a 24/7 live chat option. You can contact them via chat at any time of the day. Or, if you have a more official complaint, then you can write an email to the Royal Panda team. The customer service will get to the core of the problem and redress the issue within no time.

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