October 8, 2020

Unibet Cricket Review for 2020

If you’re looking for a sportsbook that can give you a worthwhile betting experience on cricket, you can consider the Unibet. It is a registered website with its offices in London, Gibraltar coma Malta, and New York.

Unibet was established in the year 1999. Unibet is one of the first websites to launch its mobile site in the year 2004. But you might have certain doubts before you set your preference to Unibet cricket. Let us go into a review of this versatile platform and discuss what is good about it and which are its negative points.

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Easy to Navigate

When you open Unibet’s website, you will see that it has a pretty straightforward interface that is well sorted. You shall most probably not have any problem operating this website. It has a very easy user interface. The first thing you will have to select is your country. Depending on your selection, the website will make the necessary changes to suit itself more to your requirements. The site supports 12 different languages to cater to the needs of more people. 

Good Cricket Betting Market

you will find a wide cricket market here where you can bet on. You will be able to bet on all of the major tournaments that are held around the year like, ICC World Cup, T20, Champions Trophy, the Ashes, etc.

Live Streaming of Matches

If you choose Unibet Cricket for betting, then you get the benefit of seeing live matches. There are two requirements for this. First, your deposit balance cannot be zero at the time you request for live match streaming. Second, you need to place a bet within the past 24 hours to see the live streaming of cricket matches. 

live Matches

Wide Range of Sorts

Unibet is known for its versatility. Not only cricket if you visit its site, but you can also see that all sorts of sports and betting entertainment are available. You can bet on sports like soccer, table tennis, badminton, hockey, baseball, etcetera. You can also try your luck with Poker’s game or try your hand at a casino if you want to, as these are available on the Unibet official website. Check them out if you want to try your luck at multiple things. 

Registration Takes Time

Many customers have said that the account setup on Unibet is rather slow. We agree with this. Unibet takes more time for registering your account. It is because this versatile betting site is stringent with all the paperwork and the information you provide. They check every detail before they allow your profile. Although it might be time-consuming and slightly frustrating initially, you must understand that this strict checking creates a safe virtual environment for bettors. 

Bonus Offers

On Unibet, you can win as much as five times your initial deposit! All you need to do is deposit a sum ( the exact amount depends on your country) and wait for the bonus, which can be as much as five-time of your deposit. 

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